Greg Perry
Instagram: @1_tru_g
Twitter: @1_tru_g
Capri Quarius
Twitter: @capri_quarius
Chris Branch (Facebook)
Instagram: @prettyboychrisb
Twitter: @prettyboychrisb
SnapChat: @prettyboychrisb
Adrian S. Huckaby (Facebook)
Shreco Bakari (Facebook)
Instagram: theofficial_shrecobakari
Twitter: @fame_hollywood
SnapChat: Tyrae_Shreco
Moses Brown (Facebook)
Instagram: mosesb_23
Twitter: swagking511
Interested in being a DreamKing? Send five pictures in your favorite pair of DreamWear Undiez to editor@urban-dream.com along with your location, contact information and measurements (height, weight, waist size, and shirt/undiez size).
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